2000 Tintje (LuxxBeachboyxPion) Keur Sport, 1.73m, brown, Verla line, descendant of Bintje

Tintje has always been my sport horse. Touch despite her jumping ability she has a dressage career behind her. She has won many awards and was at 8-year-old qualified Z2 dressage.

This horse has a fantastic cooperative character and comes from a very good, rich predicate family. Her mother is Elite Preferent Prestatie, grandmother and great-grandmother are Keur/Kroon Preferent Prestatie. A fantastic pedigree. Out of this line come many successful sporthorses and show horses (also for stallion inspection). Grandmother of Tintje is the famous mare Bintje. Tintje is a daughter of Helleen. Helleen has several good sporthorses. Her foal Unexpected was auctioned at the foal auction Borculo.

Progeny of Tintje

This grey mare is sold as a foal for sport and breeding. Currently pregnant.

42 Fienna Tinte C V. Up to Date

As a foal sold to the show jumper stable/stud of Gerd Wieker and Silke Rodday near Hamburg. She has a nice exterior and size.

Sold at the Foal Auction SELL. There she was purchased by the family Van Mierlo for a future in show jumping. They have owned Whistler in the past. Whistler is a SheratonxBeachboy from the same line.

43 Helleen Tinte C V. Namelus

This colt is sold.

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